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When Does Misdiagnosis Amount To Medical Malpractice?

When you presented complaints of disturbing medical symptoms to a doctor and they failed to diagnose an illness or injury in a timely manner, you may be eligible to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. This may well be the case if medical experts testify that your condition would have been greatly improved if you had been correctly diagnosed on time.

A successful medical malpractice case may demonstrate that a health care professional:

  • Failed to diagnose your heart attack or stroke in time to administer treatments that might have drastically improved your outcome
  • Turned you or your family member away when you arrived at an emergency room, and you then experienced a true crisis that could have been avoided through proper diagnosis
  • Misdiagnosed your illness or condition, and as a result, prescribed unnecessary or wrong medication or surgeries
  • Missed the opportunity to deliver the most promising treatment (such as removal of a cancerous breast) and, as a result, left you with a terminal case that could have been cured

Whatever happened that should not have happened – or whatever should have happened that did not happen – in connection with your misdiagnosis, talk to a lawyer sooner rather than later. T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, can document facts of your case and prepare compelling arguments on your behalf that may get you the compensation you should have.

If Your Cancer, Heart Attack Or Stroke Was Not Diagnosed Correctly, Contact Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you were harmed because a doctor or diagnostic laboratory failed to diagnose cancer, meningitis or any other medical condition correctly, contact T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law. Call us at 502-677-1429 or send an email regarding your misdiagnosis incident.

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