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T.J. Will Make ‘Em Pay!

Photo of attorney T.J. Smith

Recover The Compensation You Deserve From A Louisville Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Oftentimes, an accident results in a life-changing injury that permanently affects the victim and his or her loved ones. Whether you or a family member suffered the loss of a limb, neck or spinal cord injury, brain damage or brain injury, paralysis or any other serious injury, call T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, immediately.

As your Louisville catastrophic injury lawyer, T.J. and his team will make sure you and your family are fairly compensated for:

  • Loss of ability to earn future wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Future expenses for skilled care
  • Decreased life expectancy

T.J. Understands The Pain Of A Serious Injury

Although the insurance company may say your injury isn’t serious, it may end up affecting you for many years to come. To us, that means it is definitely serious. Don’t let the insurance company or anyone else downplay the effect the injury may have on your life.

Attorney T.J. can relate. “I’ve had five knee surgeries,” he says. “I haven’t taken a step in 20 years that didn’t hurt. If you have a surgical injury, that’s pretty catastrophic in my opinion. I don’t minimize that. We get numbed by watching football players who get injured and then come back on the field a few weeks later but watch them try to walk down a flight of stairs when they’re 50. Those injuries really do have an effect.”

Discover Your Rights And Options

Don’t wait to learn more about your rights after any Louisville catastrophic injury. We have the experience and the skill to win cases. In fact, our law firm has recovered more than $230 million for accident victims like you.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and T.J. will make ’em pay. Simply call T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, at 502-677-1429. You can also reach us via email.