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Louisville Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injuries are some of the most unfortunate outcomes of medical negligence. An obstetrical team, including an OB-GYN, nurses and technicians, owes every patient a duty of care.

Pursue Help For Your Child After A Louisville Birth Injury Has Resulted In Lasting Harm

You and your child may be eligible for compensation if:

  • A fetal monitor was not used correctly or was ignored during labor – and your baby suffered a hypoxic brain injury.
  • Risk factors such as preeclampsia were not diagnosed during prenatal care, and preventive actions such as a C-section were not planned for or carried out.
  • A home birth service failed to plan for emergency transfers to a hospital in case of unexpected complications during labor or delivery.
  • Your premature infant went blind because of improper overdosing of oxygen in an incubator.
  • Your child has spasms or poor muscle control because of cerebral palsy occurring after an OB-GYN failed to deliver your baby by C-section, as indicated.
  • A high-risk condition visible after birth (such as jaundice) did not receive proper attention and care, and your baby suffered harm as a result.

T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, has handled cases such as these and recovered ample compensation for injured children and their families. What if you suspect years after the fact that the birthing was negligent, and your child was harmed as a result? Statutes of limitations do not apply in such cases as in most medical malpractice cases. Our Louisville medical malpractice law firm can advise and help you.

For Your Child’s Sake, Contact A Louisville Birth Injury Attorney If Your Child Has Cerebral Palsy Or Suffered From Shoulder Dystocia Because Of Mistakes During Labor Or Delivery

Our firm can help you as we have helped other injured children and their families. T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, can evaluate your case if your baby was harmed during labor or delivery. Call 502-677-1429 or send an email. In Louisville, serving clients throughout Kentucky.