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T.J. Will Make ‘Em Pay!

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Turn To Our Louisville Distracted Driving Attorneys For Aggressive Representation

Drivers have a “duty of care” while driving; that is to pay attention to the road, not to their phones, food, music or other distraction.

When a driver fails to give driving their full attention, other drivers, walkers and bikers are put at serious risk. At T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, we understand Kentucky laws, insurance companies and personal injury. We will represent you after a serious car crash to ensure you get the monetary compensation and medical care you need. Have questions about how this works or whether you have a case? Call for a free consultation: 502-677-1429.

Holding Reckless And Distracted Louisville Drivers To Account

Driving while distracted is just as dangerous as driving while drunk. Drivers who are on their phones are not paying attention to the road. Their reaction times are similar to the reaction times of alcohol-impaired drivers.

As an established, proven and highly-reputable personal injury firm, T.J. Smith represents people who were hurt in accidents by distracted or reckless drivers. This includes:

Were you sideswiped, T-boned or pulled out in front of? When T.J. represents you, he and the team will work tirelessly to obtain the best possible result for you. We provide results-oriented representation if you were harmed because someone wasn’t paying attention.

We Do More Than Just Paperwork. We Actively Look Into The Crash.

Some crashes need special attention to detail to accurately assess what happened. In these cases, we thoroughly investigate, visit the scene and employ an accident reconstruction professional and experts in other disciplines to ensure complete accuracy.

T.J. takes into consideration the full effect of the crash and the injury on your life. T.J. does this to place an accurate, not a low-ball, value on your losses. These losses may include your lost income, pain and suffering, damage or loss of your vehicle, and other compensable losses. Once we have the facts, we can seek the best possible results for you in settlement negotiations or at trial. Why? Because we want to help you get the medical care and compensation you need to rebuild your life.

From the start of your case to its conclusion, you can depend on T.J. and the caring staff for skillful, results-oriented advocacy in truck crashes and motor vehicle crashes.

Find Out What To Do Next In A Free Consultation

Were you a victim of distracted or reckless driving? Let T.J. Smith and his team help. T.J. has over 30 years of personal injury experience and has won over $230 million for his injured clients. Discuss what happened with an experienced and committed distracted driving lawyer, call attorney T.J. Smith and his staff at 502-677-1429. We help injured clients throughout the Louisville area and across the state of Kentucky. You can also set up a meeting with us via our website contact form.