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At T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, we know that a serious car crash can change your life. It can affect you emotionally and physically. These changes can then affect your family, work and even your relationships with your friends. For over 30 years T.J. Smith has helped people just like you understand your rights, pursue and attain the medical care and compensation deserved. Call 502-677-1429 for a free consultation and to get all of your questions answered.

What Five Things Should I Do Right After A Car Crash?

There are steps to take right after a crash. Every situation is different, but in most instances, these are the best steps:

  1. First, stay calm.
  2. Second, either call 911 or look at ONE person and tell THAT person to call. No one takes action if a group is told to call 911. You must designate one person in particular.
  3. Third, you want both a police report and an ambulance. Do not worry about the cost; it’s more important right now to get medical attention to be evaluated for internal injury, spine injury and concussion. You may feel fine, but some injuries do not show up until days or even weeks later. Get evaluated as soon as possible.
  4. Fourth, get the names, phone numbers and addresses of everyone involved, including, if possible, witnesses.
  5. Fifth, get pictures of the vehicles and intersection/accident location. If you cannot, designate someone to do so right away.

The last thing to remember is never to admit any fault. You want to have your attorney investigate what happened before you say anything. It’s normal to feel bad about a crash. However, right after an accident, you may be dazed and unclear as to what really happened.

How Much Does A Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

At T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, we charge you nothing to meet with us and find out if you have a case. We charge you nothing when we negotiate with the insurance company or when we take your case to court. You only pay us if and when we negotiate or go to court to attain compensation for you. This is called a “contingency fee.” It’s a percentage of the amount we are able to negotiate or be awarded on your behalf.

If I File A Claim, Do I Have To Go To Court?

Over 90% of personal injury cases are settled out of court. Sometimes the insurance company waits until the last minute to settle. But court cases cost the insurance company a lot of time and money so they typically seek to avoid a court case. T.J. Smith is a trial attorney. This means if the insurance company doesn’t make a suitable offer, he will go to court.

What Specific Information Do I Need To File A Claim?

Successful claims need to have supporting evidence, the names, addresses and insurance information of the other driver or drivers, a police report and a medical exam that was done very soon after the crash. It is incredibly helpful to also have photos of the vehicles, injuries and accident scene. A police report may include some of this information.

Should I Give My Medical Records To The Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

You should only release your medical records under the advice of you attorney. Why? Because this information is, first of all, private information. Second, when this information is in the hands of the insurance company, it can affect your car crash claim. Typically the insurance company will argue that your injuries are not as significant or severe. This can mean less medical care and less compensation.

What If The At-Fault Driver Has No Insurance Or Inadequate Insurance?

Your own insurance policy may have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Required in Kentucky for all vehicles except motorcycles, PIP covers three main things. First, PIP covers your medical bills up to the $10,000. You can also receive $300 a week for lost income. PIP will cover 85% of your income if you get less than $200 a week. There may be other benefits available to you as well. If you didn’t decline uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UIM), it’s likely that you have it.

Get Your Questions Answered In A Free Consultation

For a free consultation with an experienced attorney who has recovered more than $230 million in total compensation, contact us online or call our office in Louisville at 502-677-1429. No matter where in Kentucky the crash happened, T.J. has the skill, knowledge and experience to help!