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Hurt By A Negligent Truck Driver In Kentucky? T.J. Will Make ‘Em Pay!

According to the Center for National Truck and Bus Statistics, more than 5,000 trucks are involved in fatal accidents every year. Approximately 59 percent of these accidents involve tractors pulling one semi trailer.

If you or a family member was harmed by the negligence of a Kentucky truck driver, do not wait to exercise your rights. Turn to T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law. Our Louisville lawyer provides personal service to each and every client. He has more than two decades of experience and has recovered more than $200 million for accident victims like you.

Addressing The Underlying Issues

Here are a few common problems that can result in serious tractor-trailer accidents:

  • Truck driver fatigue: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets strict limits on how many hours a commercial truck driver can go without a certain amount of rest. Not all drivers follow these regulations, however. Some attempt to earn extra money by driving too far with too little sleep, and this puts innocent people at risk of serious accidents.
  • Overly aggressive drivers: Some truckers seem to feel that because their tractor-trailer is bigger than other vehicles on the road, they have the right of way all the time. This can lead to a “bully” mentality. For instance, when they start to change lanes, they expect that other vehicles will simply get out of the way.
  • Demanding trucking companies: Some trucking companies wink at safety while pushing their drivers for more hours and more miles. Companies may also fail to properly train drivers, fail to maintain the tractor-trailers, overload the vehicles and engage in other types of negligence.

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