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T.J. Will Make ‘Em Pay!

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Pursuing The Maximum Compensation For You After A Louisville Motorcycle Accident

When you are on your motorcycle, you are at the mercy of drivers. You expect they will pay attention and follow the rules of the road. Every driver knows that when you are on your bike, you are much more vulnerable.

T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, is an aggressive, results-oriented law firm in Louisville, Kentucky. T.J. has the experience needed to make a strong case on your behalf. When you are hurt in a motorcycle accident, T.J. and the team are here to stand up for you. When you face opposition from your insurer, we can help prove the full extent of your injuries so you can recover the full amount of compensation you need.

T.J. is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, having secured more than $230 million in verdicts and settlements for clients over the past 30 years.

Work With A Louisville Attorney Who Gets Results For Motorcycle Crash Victims

Motorcycle crashes are different. Why? Because of the extensive injuries that happen when a car or truck collides with a person who has no protection on a cycle.

Motorcycle injuries frequently involve:

  • Severe and permanent brain injury
  • Face injuries and permanent disfigurement
  • Spinal injury
  • Broken ribs, wrists, ankles and legs
  • Road rash and scarring

Insurance companies, however, might not pay the full compensation that you deserve. In severe cases, after a serious crash, you may not be able to do the job you love, enjoy sports and physical activity. Your social life may also suffer. In some cases, you may have to draw on Social Security Disability benefits.

When you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you need a lawyer who understands both Kentucky personal injury law and how a motorcycle crash is different from a car crash. T.J. knows the true causes of motorcycle accidents and how insurance companies commonly challenge these types of claims.

He will analyze the details of the accident such as:

  • Line of sight issues
  • Use of appropriate safety gear
  • Actions of the car driver
  • Actions of the motorcyclist

When needed, we enlist the knowledge of our network of top experts who can support your case. For more than 30 years, T.J. Smith has been an advocate for injured motorcyclists. We know that your injuries are legitimate and that they can be severe. We will be the aggressive and dedicated advocates you need during this difficult time.

Call T.J. – He’ll Make ‘Em Pay!

Louisville motorcycle accident lawyer T.J. Smith serves accident victims and bikers injured throughout central Kentucky from his office in Louisville. To learn more, contact T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, at 502-677-1429. You can also contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation. Do not be misled as to what your case is worth by the insurance company. Talk to T.J. and get the facts.