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Louisville Surgery Errors Attorneys

When people hear of surgical errors such as a wrong breast removal or failure to remove all foreign objects, they often ask, “How can such a thing happen?” Unfortunately, today’s medical care industry puts patients in a fast-paced, high-risk environment. A surgeon may operate on many patients in one day, increasing risk factors such as fatigue, misreading charts, communication gaps with technicians and other frequent causes of error.

Quite a few surgeons accidentally nick bowels and other adjacent body parts while operating on a different organ. The results can be both painful and long-lasting. Even if such an occurrence was an honest mistake, a surgeon’s malpractice insurance can be a perfectly legitimate and proper source of relief for an injured patient.

Medical Mistakes In Louisville Surgical Contexts Should Have Consequences

If you or your loved one suffered harm because a caregiver was careless before, during or after surgery, you may now face additional medical costs. You may lose out on income during the prolonged time period of recovery when you cannot yet return to work. You may suffer emotional pain, anxiety or depression if the outcome resulted in a serious pain condition or imminent death of your loved one.

Learn what it takes to pursue compensation for these or related losses after a surgical error has resulted in great harm. Talk to a Louisville medical malpractice lawyer with the knowledge and determination necessary to get the results you need.

Was A Louisville Surgeon’s Error The Cause Of Your Or Your Loved One’s Poor Surgical Outcome? Ask A Lawyer To Find Out.

A wrong-site surgery, an unnecessary operation or a foreign object left in a body after surgery should be brought to the attention of an experienced Louisville surgical error attorney. Call T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, at 502-677-1429. We also welcome questions about surgery errors and other medical mistakes via email.