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The costs of a fatal car crash for the victim's family

Suffering through a fatal car crash as a family member of the victim is unbearable. You don't know how to react, what to do next, how to handle the situation and whether or not you can file a lawsuit. All of these are important issues that should be addressed following a fatal car accident in Jefferson.

When you look at the costs of a fatal car crash, the costs can be astronomical for the victim's family. There are a host of items that are included in estimating these costs, including the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Administrative expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Productivity losses
  • Uninsurance costs
  • Costs of physical damage to the vehicle

How do I spot a distracted truck driver?

Getting behind the wheel each day is more dangerous than many drivers think. With so many vehicles on the roads these days it's not out of the realm of possibility that you could be involved in an accident. It's also not out of the realm of possibility to be involved in an accident with a distracted truck driver. So, how do you spot a distracted truck driver in Kentucky?

One of the most common signs of a distracted truck driver is when the truck cannot maintain its speed or its lane of travel. If the truck keeps accelerating, braking, or weaving between lanes, it's highly likely that the driver is distracted, drunk or having a medical issue.

Various insurance coverages for motorcycles in Kentucky

When you realize the time is right to own a motorcycle, you should perform some research ahead of time regarding motorcycle insurance. It is required by law to have some form of coverage for your motorcycle in Kentucky, much like other motorists must have for their truck, van or car. Today, we will explain the various insurance coverages available for motorcycles.

Medical payment coverage is an important piece of insurance to have on your motorcycle policy. This covers the medical bills for not only you, but also the passenger on your motorcycle if you are involved in an accident. This type of coverage activates no matter who is deemed at fault for the accident.

Are our newest drivers the most distracted?

A few years ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a telephone survey on distracted driving. As such, the agency reported on the behaviors and attitudes about distracted driving of 6,000 drivers over 17 years of age from each state and the District of Columbia.

What they found was startling, as the younger drivers reported that they had the greatest frequency of accidents involving cellphone usage. Overall, 6 percent reported at least one collision in the prior year. Another 7 percent admitted to a near-collision.

Expect increased DUI patrols over holidays in Kentucky

The Kentucky State Police (KSP) and the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) want to remind traveling motorists that law enforcement will be out in force this holiday season. Their number one goal is to prevent drunk driving.

The executive director said that while many of the celebrations underway this holiday season will involve alcohol, motorists need to remember that "drunken driving-related crashes are 100-percent preventable. It just makes sense to plan for a designated driver before the party begins."

Fatal accidents are often a call to action for those left behind

Losing a loved one is a devastating event, especially if the person who passed away is someone you were close to. When the death was caused by an accident that could have been prevented, the devastation that you feel is likely going to be enhanced. We understand that this is a difficult time for you.

Accidents that are caused by drunk, fatigued or distracted drivers are some of the most difficult ones to deal with. This is because one person's desire to drive somewhere even though he or she wasn't able to do so safely ended up killing an innocent person. Having to live with this thought in your mind might be more than what you want to think about, but this is the reality that you will have to contend with.

A hit-and-run driver kills 1, injures another in Louisville

A 45-year-old Jefferson county man was arrested and charged with having left the scene of car crash that resulted in a woman's death at around 6:30 in the morning, Sunday, Nov. 19. Louisville police had been dispatched to the intersection of Central and Floyd Streets after calls came in of a two-car crash approximately four hours earlier that morning.

While some officers arriving at the crash scene tended to the two motorists that were struck in one car, others spoke with witnesses to the collision who remained at the scene. They found out that the suspected hit-and-run motorist had been driving southbound along Flynn Street moments before the crash.

Steps to take after a drunk driving accident

A car accident is scary enough as it is. It can be downright overwhelming if the accident is caused by a drunk driver. Being involved in a drunk driving accident in Jefferson is not uncommon. You should know the proper steps to take following such an accident so you protect your rights and begin the legal process to recover compensation for your injuries.

As with all types of accidents you should never leave the scene of an accident, not even to track down the drunk driver if he or she did not stop. Remaining at the scene allows emergency responders to find you upon arrival and issue medical aid. Remaining at the scene also helps police understand what happened during the accident.

Fall motorcycle riding tips in Jefferson

There are millions of people throughout Kentucky who love to spend time on the open roads on their motorcycles. Even though the seasons have changed from summer to fall with winter right around the corner, it doesn't mean that you have to stop riding your motorcycle. Here are some important fall motorcycle riding tips for the Jefferson community.

Avoid leaves as much as possible when riding your motorcycle in the fall. Leaves can be quite the attraction when looking at them on trees but can be very dangerous when they are on the road. Wet leaves can reduce the traction of your tires, which can lead to tragic accidents.

Now accepting submissions for 'No Need to Pay' scholarship

Distracted driving continues to be a problem, both here in Louisville and across the country. People just do not want to put down their phones long enough to get from point A to point B safely.

In fact, even though cars are reportedly safer than ever, car accident deaths are on the rise. This includes 3,450 deaths caused by distracted driving in 2016. Sadly, many of these accidents involved teen drivers who didn't grasp the seriousness of their actions until it was too late.

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