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What are some hazards of riding motorcycles in the fall?

The fall season in the state of Kentucky is just around the corner and may have already begun in some locations. Many motorcycle enthusiasts believe that autumn is the perfect time to view the changing landscape and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Knowing the dangers of riding in autumn ahead of time can help you remain healthy and free of the injuries that typically occur in a motorcycle accident.

Leaves: Wet or dry, autumn leaves can create many potential hazards. A pile of dry leaves can make it difficult to see unsafe road conditions. On the other hand, wet leaves may cause you to slide and lose control of your bike.

What you should know about fatal accidents and loss of consortium

Fatal motor vehicle accidents rob many families of someone they love and cherish each year. While it is nearly impossible to assign a monetary value to the many ways a person enhances the lives of others, Kentucky is one of the states that allow the bereaved to do so. In legal terms, this is known as loss of consortium, but you may know it as loss of companionship.

In the eyes of many, the loss of consortium rule is an archaic part of tort law that should be abolished. However, we believe that the rule plays a crucial part in how bereaved family members cope in the aftermath of a fatal motor vehicle accident caused by negligence. With that said, families suffering the loss of a loved one should think carefully before committing to this solution.

Kentucky driver faces OVI charge over school bus collision

Accidents can happen on the streets and roads of the Bluegrass State, and drivers work together to get over them when they happen. One thing that always spells bad news for people on the roads is a driver who had one too many drinks. When it comes to road safety, even one drink is one too many.

Any amount of alcohol that can be detected in a person's system above a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .02 or higher makes it illegal to drive. Lower levels can result in a charge of operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI), while driving under the influence (DUI) of higher levels of alcohol or drugs is a more serious charge.

How can truck drivers keep from jackknifing?

Jackknifing is when a semitruck's trailer swings sideways and the vehicle curves into an L shape. It is incredibly dangerous, as a truck that is doing this is completely out of control. It also takes up the entire road. This can put multiple people in danger on the interstate or a two-lane highway.

What can drivers do to avoid it?

  • Beware of a loss of traction. This is what causes the truck to jackknife, in many cases. For instance, if the trailer hits a patch of ice that the motorized cab crosses without trouble, it could begin to swing wide.
  • Do not slam on the brakes when the trailer starts to swing. It's a natural reaction to keep from crashing, but it usually just folds the truck up and makes things worse. Instead, drivers are advised to let off the gas or even accelerate to bring the trailer back around.
  • Never lock up the brakes. Even if the trailer was not already jackknifing, suddenly braking too hard can make it happen. Drivers need to be aware of their surroundings so that they can slow down in a safe, controlled manner.

How can someone who is blackout drunk still drive?

When a person is blackout drunk, they cannot remember portions of the night before. In some cases, they lose entire chunks of time -- hours of lost memories. In other cases, their memories just drift in and out, and they may remember some things later if another person brings it up.

How can someone who can't even remember the night still drive a car? How is it possible for a person who is blackout drunk to get behind the wheel and cause an accident?

3 ways to tell a friend about their unsafe driving habits

Do you have a friend who makes you exceptionally nervous whenever the two of you get in the car together? Maybe they have some poor driving habits that make you think you're always about two seconds away from a car accident.

If so, here are three potential ways to help:

Mother from West Virginia dies in Kentucky DUI accident

A woman has passed away after a suspected drunk driving accident in Pike County, Kentucky. She was from Mingo County, West Virginia. The Kentucky State Police released the news of her passing.

Per the authorities, a 25-year-old woman from Kentucky was driving down US 119 when her car went through the median and slammed into a second car coming the opposite way. That vehicle contained a woman, a 14-year-old child and the woman's husband.

Should you wear high-visibility motorcycle clothing?

What do you normally wear when you take your motorcycle out on the weekend? A black leather jacket? A pair of jeans? Maybe a dark-colored helmet?

These are all very common types of gear, and many riders choose them. However, studies have shown that you would actually be far safer if you wore high-visibility clothing.

Does drunk driving cause more accidents than drugged driving?

Drugged driving and drunk driving can often have a very similar appearance. Drivers have slower reaction times, they make more simple mistakes and they cause car accidents. But which type of driving is more dangerous?

Experts do not agree in full, but one study claims that drugged driving is actually more likely to be fatal. The study, which was reported on in 2017, looked at the statistics from 2015. It found that drivers in deadly accidents were on drugs more often than they were drunk behind the wheel. This suggests that drugs are more dangerous.

What is most beneficial to young drivers?

Teens who have just gotten their driver's licenses often get a lot of criticism, as the statistics show that they tend to be involved in a high number of motor vehicle accidents. People say that teens are just irresponsible and can't be trusted behind the wheel. They say that distractions play too large of a role and that teens are addicted to their cellphones.

While the issues of distraction and irresponsibility are real and do cause accidents, many experts think they're not quite as dire as people make them out to be. They think the real issue is that teens simply lack the experience that adult drivers already have.

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