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3 duties people should fulfill after a Louisville area car wreck

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2024 | Car Accidents

The average trip in a motor vehicle is uneventful. People reach their destinations without major delays or complications most of the time. However, a small number of trips every day somewhere in Kentucky lead to crashes.

In Louisville, there are collisions every day that force people to repair or replace their vehicles and may lead to someone’s hospitalization. Many people go years without experiencing a crash and may therefore not know what to do if a collision occurs. Understanding the obligations that the state imposes on those involved in collisions may benefit those regularly driving or riding in vehicles in Louisville.

What actions should someone take after involvement in a crash?

Checking on the other parties

Someone involved in a crash could suffer life-threatening injuries that require emergency medical care as soon as possible. People often assume that those in the other vehicle can take care of their own needs, but that may not be the case if a crash renders someone unconscious or unable to move. It is important to check on the occupants of the other vehicle if doing so is possible without putting oneself in danger.

Contacting local authorities

Kentucky state law mandates the reporting of any significant collisions that occur. Obviously, state authorities need to know if a crash occurs that puts someone in the hospital or results in someone dying. A car wreck that causes substantial property damage also falls under the state’s reporting requirement rules. If the crash produces $500 in property damage or more, there is an obligation to report it to the state.

Moving vehicles for traffic safety

Collisions often occur at dangerous locations and where traffic density is the highest. For example, a crash could take place at a busy intersection or around a curve on the interstate. There is an expectation that those involved in a crash should move their vehicles to allow others to safely pass the scene of the collision while they wait for police officers and other first responders to arrive. People often need to take a few moments to capture video footage or photographs of the scene of the crash before moving their vehicles to preserve evidence that could help prove who was at fault for the car wreck.

After first responders arrive, someone may need to deal with their damaged vehicle, seek out medical treatment and proceed with a compensation claim. Someone affected by a collision may want to contact a car wreck attorney in Louisville, KY for more help exploring their options, especially if they were blameless or only partially to blame for what happened.