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How long do car accident lawsuits take?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Car Accidents

A motor vehicle collision only takes a few seconds to occur but can result in consequences that may affect someone for months, if not for the rest of their life. Some people suffer only mild to moderate consequences as a result of a crash. They may need a medical evaluation and repairs to their vehicle, but they will largely return to their typical day-to-day life shortly after the collision.

Others may not be so fortunate. Collisions can cause major injuries ranging from broken bones to spinal cord injuries. Sometimes, people have to file a lawsuit because the cost of the crash is so high. How long does it take typically take to resolve a personal injury lawsuit after a collision in Kentucky?

It can take months to get a hearing in civil court

The civil courts in Kentucky hear cases ranging from breach of contract matters between businesses to injury cases related to car crashes and other major incidents. There is very little way of knowing what the volume of pending cases will be at the time that someone files their initial lawsuit.

People typically have to wait multiple months for a chance to have their case heard in front of a judge. The good news is that once the case actually goes to trial, the process of resolving the lawsuit is relatively straightforward. Even the most complex personal injury lawsuits typically only require a few days of court time. At the very latest, the ruling in the case must come within 90 days to remain in compliance with state law.

The other important timing consideration for personal injury lawsuits would be the state statute of limitations. People need to initiate their claim within two years if they want to recoup medical expenses, lost wages and property damage losses. Most people will try to file earlier rather than risk the possibility of becoming unable to take legal action.

Those who partner with a lawyer will often have a much easier time understanding what to expect and navigating the process as efficiently as possible. As a result, seeking legal guidance as proactively as possible after a crash is generally wise.