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March 2016 Archives

How do you know if your motorcycle helmet is protecting you?

Motorcycle accidents are devastating, which is why the gear you wear is critical. There are many jacket, glove, boot and helmet options to choose from, which creates some serious questions. For instance, how do you know which helmet offers sufficient protection? What specific injuries should the helmet prevent? This article will go over the basics of good helmet structure.

Drugged driving is just as bad as drunken driving

The increasing proliferation of prescription drugs and the ongoing legalization/decriminalization of some drugs has led to an increase in the instances of drugged driving. All states have laws that prohibit the operation of vehicles while under the influence of drugs. However, a major issue is that there is no uniform test to determine when someone is impaired and when someone is not, unlike the classic 0.08 percent blood-alcohol test for drunk drivers. This means that there is no reliable barometer to determine if a driver is too impaired to drive. This article will go over the dangers of drugged driving and what you can do if you are a victim of a drugged driver.

What are 'Bad Faith' Insurance claims?

Under United States law, insurance companies owe a duty of good faith and fair dealings to the clients they insure. When insurance companies and attorneys knowingly break that trust to avoid paying fair compensation to their customers or to injured parties who are suing them, which is called acting in bad faith.

Some tips on how to share the road with trucks

Semi-trucks, delivery trucks, cement trucks and all manner of heavy-duty trucks are a mainstay on American highways. Unfortunately, these mainstays can also be very devastating. The American Trucking Associations put out some simple guidelines on safety tips to share the road. This article will briefly discuss these safety tips and how they may apply to you.

What happens if you are injured in a motorcycle that is part of a recall?

Motorcycles are subjected to a million different scenarios every day all over the world. Even the most stringent safety guidelines and testing procedures cannot account for every stress scenario these vehicles will endure. When a particular flaw rears its head multiple times; that is when a recall is enacted. Unfortunately, recalls are not typically ordered until after several accidents have resulted from the design flaw. Recalls can be initiated by two entities: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or by the motorcycle manufacturer.

Filing an Insurance Claim v. Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

When automobile accidents and other accidents occur, the victim usually has the right to file some sort of claim. The person can either file an insurance claim or a personal injury claim. In some situations, victims cannot file both types of claims on the same incident. The following are some steps that a person can take specifically to file an automobile injury claim. Other injuries apply, as well, but the auto injuries are the most common.

Can you hold parent’s liable for the actions for their children?

Most parents do no really consider the possibility that their child could result in a civil lawsuit against them. But, it can happen. It can happen if a child hits you while she or he is drunk driving in their parent’s car. Depending upon the circumstances, that child’s drunken driving could result in the parent’s being held personally liable. Typically, children are responsible for their own actions however in a few narrow exceptions parents may be held civilly liable. This article will explore how that can occur.

Best Law-Related Movies on Netflix

Courtroom dramas are becoming an increasingly popular genre in the media. Television shows and movies alike are making an effort to whet the appetite of viewers who enjoy a bit of courtroom tension. With the Netflix era upon us, there is no better place to binge watch some great law-related movies. Here are some of the options currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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