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2 ways car crashes may lead to amputations

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | Personal Injury

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of catastrophic injuries in the United States. People can hurt their brains or their spines in a collision, and such injuries are among the most common and expensive injuries possible.

There are other injuries that can also result in lifetime medical expenses and diminished earning potential. Amputations are not very common, but they can be incredibly severe. Motor vehicle crashes are one of the top reasons that people lose their extremities and limbs.

A wreck could result in an amputation in two different scenarios, and in both cases, the affected individual may have expenses that far exceed what insurance will cover.

When trauma severs a body part

There are numerous reasons that a crash might result in someone losing a body part immediately.

Maybe a passenger had their arm out the window at the time of the collision, meaning the vehicle did not protect that part of their body. Scenarios where people get thrown from a vehicle during a crash can also easily result in a traumatic amputation that occurs at the scene of a crash.

Such amputations require emergency medical care because they can lead to severe degrees of blood loss and also life-threatening infections.

When the crash severely damages a body part

Not all crash-related amputations occur at the scene of the collision. Crushing injuries and comminuted fractures might also result in an amputation.

Doctors will look at the extent of the damage to the bone and the surrounding tissue to determine the most practical treatment options. In some cases, they may realize that they can do nothing to preserve that tissue and that they need to amputate it surgically. Surgical amputations following car crashes can be as difficult for the person recovering as traumatic amputations that occurred during the wreck.

In both scenarios, individuals will usually have tens of thousands of dollars in immediate medical expenses, ongoing care costs and a lifetime of lower earning potential. Those severely affected by a crash often require help when negotiating an insurance settlement or seeking compensation in the civil courts.

Demanding justice when a car crash results in a catastrophic injury can benefit you and the members of your immediate family.