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Speeding and irresponsibility: two main factors in auto accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Car Accidents

If Kentucky drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicycle riders, and pedestrians are under the impression that the state roads are getting more dangerous, there is good reason for that. Drivers are increasingly flouting the law and common sense and behaving in reckless ways. This is putting everyone at risk. Across the nation, accidents have been on the rise.

Regulatory agencies, legislators and law enforcement are actively seeking solutions to the problem. Still, when heading out, it is critical to be aware of the potential dangers to try and remain safe. After a car accident, it is also wise to know what options are available and to have experienced help.

Kentucky in the top 10 for most irresponsible drivers in the United States

A recently released study from SmartAsset listed the worst states in the nation for driver irresponsibility. Kentucky had the dubious distinction of coming in eighth in the rankings. To be categorized as “irresponsible,” researchers looked at how many drivers did not have insurance; the number of DUIs for every 1,000 drivers; how many deaths the state had for every 100 million miles driven; and the frequency with which drivers did web searches for speeding citations or traffic citations.

For every 100 million miles driven, Kentucky had 1.68 deaths. It came in 12th for DUIs with 4.17 arrests for every 1,000 drivers. It was 16th at just under 14% for uninsured drivers.

NHTSA strives to educate drivers on the dangers of speeding

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is fully aware of the national numbers for fatal auto accidents. Since speeding is one of the main causes of these crashes, it is moving forward with a campaign to educate drivers as to the extent of the problem.

The head of the agency references the rising fatalities on the nation’s roadways since 2020. Part of that is due to the changes to the landscape with fewer drivers on the road because of the national crisis and some drivers taking liberties by speeding. Statistically, the number of speed-related fatalities reached 11,258 in 2020. This was a 17% spike. In 2021, the overall number of deaths increased by more than 10%. This was the worst increase in 16 years.

Those impacted by auto accidents should know how to “make ‘em pay”

Auto accidents are one of the most common catalysts for unexpected injuries and untimely deaths. Although the NHTSA is trying to educate drivers on the value of safety and Kentucky was named as a state in which drivers are known to behave recklessly, people still take liberties with the law and fundamental safety practices. That includes speeding, driving drunk, driving after using drugs, distracted driving and other known behaviors that place themselves and others at risk.

People often wonder what they can do after they have been in an accident. Even though they presumably see advertisements about personal injury, there is still a state of confusion as to what steps they can take. Simply put, victims and their families should understand how to “make ‘em pay.” That goes beyond a financial settlement and ensuring that those who were responsible for the accident are held to account for what they did.

Having experienced help that understands how to do just that can be essential to reaching a positive outcome whether that is through a negotiated settlement or by going to court. Insurance companies are also intent on keeping costs in line, so they are likely to do whatever they can to mitigate the payments for medical expenses, lost wages, future care, pain and suffering and more.

Consulting with approachable, experienced, caring and aggressive professionals who are aware of all the details of seeking compensation after auto accidents is key. This can help with being a calming influence in a troubling time. It will also assuage fears as to what the future holds. For advice, it is important to have immediate assistance to address the lingering challenges and move forward with a potential case.