What kind of gear can protect you in a motorcycle accident?

To many residents, traveling Kentucky roadways on a motorcycle is one of life's great pleasures. Seasoned bikers know about the dangers that motorists can pose. Therefore, they take care to ride defensively, safely and in compliance with all traffic laws. Unfortunately, a negligent driver can still cause motorcycle accidents that lead to serious injuries and massive out-of-pocket expenses.

However, most biking enthusiasts agree that avoiding injury is always the best choice. Following is an overview of motorcycle gear that can reduce injury risks if an accident occurs. While this gear may not prevent all injuries, it can go a long way in helping riders avoid some of the most serious motorcycle accident injuries.

Helmet: A good helmet can help you avoid head and brain injury while also protecting your face from road rash.

Gloves: Protecting your hands during a motorcycle accident can save your knuckles and your skin while reducing the odds of losing one or more fingers.

Jacket: A sturdy jacket protects your skin in an accident and it can also protect you from wind, rain, cold and other types of inclement weather.

Boots: Your feet and toes need protection if a crash occurs. Good boots, preferably over-the-ankle ones, will protect the small bones in your feet and toes as well as your skin if you have an accident.

Pants: Regular jeans provide very little protection when motorcycle accidents occur. To reduce the risk of suffering severe injuries, opt for leather pants or high-tech motorcycle pants instead of jeans.

Victims of negligent motorcycle accidents can seek compensation for motorcycle crash injuries. They can file auto and/or health insurance claims to recover at least some of their costs. They can also pursue a lawsuit against the party that caused the crash.

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