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What you should never say following a car accident

Being involved in a car accident, no matter how minor, is very stressful. There's so much you will have to do from the minute the vehicles come to a stop that you can be overwhelmed.

From talking to police to taking pictures to finding a ride from the scene to reporting the accident to your insurance company, you have so much to do following a Jefferson, Kentucky car accident.

It's also important to know what you shouldn't do in the wake of a crash. Here's what you should never say following a car accident.

You should always speak with the responding police officer on the scene honestly about the accident. What you don't want to do is speculate any further about how the accident might have happened.

You also don't want to admit fault to anyone on the scene, especially not the police. There is no reason for you to admit fault, even if you believe you were at fault.

Don't utter the words "I'm sorry." Many people will experience a rush of emotions due to an accident that can make you say you're sorry even if you weren't the cause of the accident. Saying you're sorry even when you weren't the cause can hurt any lawsuit you want to bring against the at-fault driver.

Wait to speak to your insurance company, or any insurance agent, after a car accident until you speak with a personal injury attorney. You don't want to limit yourself when it comes to seeking compensation for injuries.

Do you know what to do following a car accident in Kentucky? Be sure to protect your rights following an accident so you can recover compensation.

Source: Findlaw, "After a Car Accident: First Steps," accessed Feb. 02, 2018

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