The dangers of driving in the fall

The fall season is finally upon us in Kentucky, but with the temperatures still hovering above 75 degrees it still like summer is with us. There are a lot of dangers drivers can encounter on the roads of the state during the fall season. So, what are the most common autumn driving hazards?

Fog is a big hazard that rolls in during the fall season. Fog can blanket the area in a matter of minutes, reducing visibility for drivers for miles. If fog rolls in while you are driving it's best to pull off the road into a parking lot so as to avoid an accident.

Sun glare seems to be at its worst during the fall season. The reason for this is that the sun is sitting lower in the sky due to the rotation of the Earth. Sun glare does not just affect drivers as it happens, but also for seconds afterwards. Drivers can become blinded by sun glare to the point where they actually cannot see the cars in front of them.

The deeper we get into the fall season, the more likely it is that the roads will be covered with leaves. Leaves are dangerous enough when driving on them, but they can become even worse when they are wet.

There is an increase in deer in the fall season due to their mating and migration patterns. Deer are most likely to be seen at dawn and at dusk, but are still present at all times of the day. Be extra careful in areas heavily populated with deer so as to avoid any accidents.

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