The psychological effects of a tragic car accident

Being involved in a car accident can be stressful and overwhelming, even if it is a minor fender bender. You might not know how to handle such a situation if it is your first accident. You also might be scared by the fact that even though you were safe in operating your vehicle, someone around you was not. Here are the psychological effects of a tragic car accident.

It might take a month or more for you to develop psychological problems following a tragic car accident. As the sting of the accident wears off, the mental part of it will begin to settle in, which can lead to an incredible amount of stress. Aside from stress, you might also experience fear, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and even being startled easily.

A tragic car accident can also cause victims to suffer from secondary psychological stressors that can affect their everyday lives. These can include the lack of interest in regular hobbies, caring for children or other family members, running errands and more. You might also even experience financial trouble if you have trouble leaving your home.

Many victims of tragic car accidents have a lot of trouble with fear. They struggle with fear to the point where they can no longer drive a car or even be a passenger in one. This can cripple their everyday activities of working, getting an education, running errands, going to the doctor and exercising.

Injuries from a tragic car accident can range from minor to fatal. No matter how severe your injuries are, they might not be as lasting or as serious as psychological injuries. An experienced car accidents attorney in Jefferson can explain your rights and guide you in the right direction following an accident.

Source: Multi-Specialty Health Care, "The Psychological Effects of Motor Vehicle Accident," James Beauchamp, D.C., accessed Sep. 01, 2017

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