Most dangerous habits of distracted drivers

Distracted driving has quickly become a major problem on the roads of not only Kentucky, but across the country. Too many accidents are being caused by distracted drivers and they aren't just using their cellphones while driving. Distracted driving involves any type of activity that removes the focus of the driver from the task at hand.

Eating and drinking while driving can be a major distraction. Between looking for food, spilling a hot drink or using both hands to hold the food, drivers are putting themselves and others in danger when eating or drinking when behind the wheel.

Changing the radio station or switching out the CDs might seem innocent, but this is a common distraction. Many drivers take their eyes off the road for too long when doing either of these tasks while driving. It can also cause a driver to daydream while listening to a favorite song.

Is there a pet in the car? Is the pet in the front passenger seat? This is a big no-no. It's even worse if the pet is sitting on the driver's lap. It's best to keep pets in the rear of the vehicle and if possible, in a crate so they cannot move about when the car is in motion.

Many drivers find themselves looking around for lost items while driving. This could be for dropped money, a dropped cellphone or anything else that might have fallen in between the seats. Performing this search while driving can take a driver's eyes off the road.

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