Is Social Media Affecting Your Driving?

Distracted driving has become a well-known issue in recent years. The ubiquity of smartphones has made it so that drivers all over have their eyes glued to screens rather than on the road. You might think that distracted driving, while not a good idea, is nowhere near as bad as drunk driving. In fact, distracted driving may be worse. Studies show that using your phone while driving slows your reaction time by over three times as much as being drunk. The key to much of this distraction seems to be social media.

"Just a Quick Look"

Many people who drive distracted do so with an inflated ego about their own driving skills. They think that since they're so used to driving, they don't have to worry about the risks of not paying attention. Well, being a "good" driver doesn't give you a free pass to drive distracted. A good driver by default is one that doesn't drive distracted. These are the traits of a good driver:

● Drives sober

● Drives without distractions

● Obeys all traffic laws

"I Can't Help It"

Checking social media is typically a mindless, impulsive decision. You might have times when you pull out your smartphone to refresh Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and then do so again not even a minute later. If you're stuck in autopilot while driving, it might be easy for your mind to just go blank and retreat to your phone as a means of coping. Here are some things you can do to keep yourself away from your phone while driving:

● Keep your phone in your glovebox

● Train yourself to count to ten every time you have an urge to reach for your phone

● If you have at least one other passenger, have them call you out if they see you reaching for or using your phone while driving

A Matter of Life and Death

Distracted driving has fatal consequences on a daily basis. While it's by no means the only contributor to deaths on the road, it's incredibly obvious that favoring your social media accounts over road safety has devastating consequences. End Distracted Driving is an organization founded by Joel Feldman, who lost a daughter due to a distracted driver.

What Can I Do?

If you regularly use social media while driving or otherwise drive distracted, you need to acknowledge it. Don't try to excuse it or rationalize it by saying things like "I don't do it that often" or "I've never gotten into an accident." Distracted driving is dangerous, whether you've been in an accident or not.

Make a promise to yourself and others that you will stop driving distracted. Encourage people you drive with to call you out if you're driving distracted. You should also not be afraid to speak up if they're driving distracted either. Nothing is so important that it's worth being an immense threat to other's safety on the road.

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