Explaining an ignition interlock device in Kentucky

Kentucky has strict laws governing driving under the influence (DUI), protecting victims of these incidents and sometimes tragic accidents. For those who have been charged with DUI, there is a device known as the ignition interlock that tests the alcohol level of the driver prior to driving a vehicle. This is a deterrent for repeat offenses and a method to protect innocent victims.

This device is installed in the vehicle of someone charged with DUI in an effort to prevent drunk driving in the future. The driver must blow air into the device and if alcohol is found in your system, the ignition will lock and not allow the vehicle to start. The first time the driver blows into the device, the ignition will lock for a handful of minutes. If the driver needs to blow into the device subsequent times, the lockout period extends.

You might also be required to take a retest when operating your vehicle. This means you will need to blow into the device while driving. If alcohol is detected, you will need to stop operating the vehicle. The vehicle will not shut down, but will notify you using the horn and the lights that you can no longer drive the vehicle.

Suffering injuries or losing a loved one due to a drunk driver is heartbreaking. So many lives are affected by the actions of just one person. Speaking with a Jefferson motor vehicle accidents attorney can help you understand the law and how you can acquire compensation for your injuries.

Source: LifeSafer, "What Is An Interlock?," accessed Aug. 11, 2017

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