5 Summer Driving Safety Hazards

With the amount of hazards that are associated with driving in the winter, you'd be surprised to hear that driving in the summer has its risks as well. From campers to constant road construction, here are the top five summer driving hazards that you should keep your eyes out for on the road.

1. Distracted Pedestrians

Earlier sunrises and nice weather are enough to bring out people walking among roads and crosswalks. However, this also increases the amount of distracted pedestrians as well.

Here are some safety tips on preserving the safety of even the most distracted pedestrians on the road:

- Always stop at crosswalks and do not pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk

- Constantly keep an eye out for pedestrians, especially at night

- Look both ways for pedestrians before turning

2. Sun Glare or Downpouring Rain

Similar to the winter, summer weather conditions are hazardous as well. Although they may not be as deadly, weather conditions such as glare from the sun or down pouring rain are plenty to prove as a driving hazard.

Before you leave the house to drive, keep an eye on the weather. If it's too hot or rainy to drive, don't attempt to. Never underestimate the weather of the summer.

3. Construction

Summer is when construction thrives the most out of the year. There is plenty of damage to fix from the harsh winter season, which means there will be more construction trucks and crews on the road to avoid. Make sure that you properly slow down in construction zones to reduce the high increase in fatalities that happen when passing through construction sites in summer months.

4. Blown Tires

Tire blowouts are a lot more common during the summer months. There are a few reasons why you have likely seen more than a few cars stopped on the side of the road with a blown tire. Tires that are not fully inflated create more friction. This friction causes the tire overheat much more quickly, which results in a blowout. The increase in construction can also cause more blowouts. Potholes, speed bumps, and curbs can also play a role in blowouts. To prevent a blown tire, check your tire pressure frequently during the summer. You should also check for any damage, too.

5. Increase of Motorcyclists

During the summertime, more motorcycles are on the road. This number increases year after year. In fact, between 2004 and 2013, the number of motorcycles on the road increased by 45 percent. Since there are more motorcyclists, there is more of a chance of motorcycle crashes.

Motorcycles on the road create their own set of hazards that require special attention from drivers. To stay safe when driving new these vehicles, follow these tips:

- Leave a larger space in between your car and motorcycles since they can brake a lot faster than your car can. This will ensure your safety and the motorcyclists' safety, too.

- Be twice as aware. Since motorcycles are much smaller than cars and trucks, they can be easy to miss when looking around the road and checking blind spots. It can also be hard to determine how fast motorcycles are traveling, too. This is why it requires special attention.

Even though summer may seem like the best month out of the year, there are plenty of driving dangers that are associated with it. Before you go driving this summer, keep this safety tips in mind to better prepare yourself for the dangers ahead. But lest not forget, enjoy yourself these summer months! 

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