Crash response causes new collision on Kentucky road

Safe roads depend on mutual trust and respect between drivers, as well as the officers and support services that maintain order and function. Police and emergency services often take exceptional risk when responding to motor vehicle accidents; unfortunately, this haste can turn deadly just as distraction or reckless driving can on the road.

One crash led to another recently on a Kentucky highway when a state trooper was responding to a motor vehicle accident with reported injuries. The trooper's car was distinguished with lights and siren, but a 63-year-old driver attempted to turn left off the highway as the trooper overtook him.

The resulting collision threw the turning car into a ditch and the Kentucky state trooper's cruiser veered into a nearby yard. The turning driver was pronounced dead at the scene, while the 79-year-old passenger was treated for injuries and released. The trooper was also treated and released.

High-speed collisions are especially likely on high-traffic roads with spaces that allow for high acceleration. Protected left-turn lanes can help mitigate danger, but left turns create hazardous conditions when drivers are forced to be laterally placed in front of opposing traffic until the turn is complete.

Motor vehicle accidents nearly always involve damage, and drivers and passengers are at risk for severe injury, permanent disability and even death. Victims of crashes have rights that allow them to pursue reimbursement for medical expenses, compensation for pain and suffering and possible coverage of funeral expenses.

A lawyer with experience in personal injury lawsuits can help car accident victims explore their options for compensation and file appropriate documents with local courts and authorities.

Source: WBKO, "One dead after car accident involving KSP trooper," July 17, 2017

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