4 Little Known Ways to Prevent an Auto Accident

We hear reports of car accidents on a daily basis. These can range from minor collisions to fatal occurrences. While certain factors, like driving at the proper speed, abstaining from drugs and alcohol and getting proper rest are widely-known ways to avoid an auto accident, there are other things you can prevent one that you might not know about.

1. Avoid Rollover Crashes

Rollover crashes, in which the car is knocked over on its side or turned over completely, have the highest rate of fatalities among car accidents. If you're on the road and feel the weight of your car shifting here's what you should do:

● Make minor adjustments to your steering

● Correct yourself

● Get back on the road

It's important to be mindful of the placement of your car and its wheels at all times so that you can make the proper adjustments when necessary.

2. The Dutch Reach

Cars can be dangerous even when they're not moving. Case in point: you park on the street, turn off your car and open the door. Problem is, you weren't paying attention and another vehicle has run right into your open door, or maybe a cyclist has hit it. This can be avoided by practicing the Dutch Reach. A cultural norm in the Netherlands, the Dutch Reach simply involves using the hand opposite of the driver's door position. If your door is on the left, you use your right hand instead. This will force you to turn your body, meaning you will be able to see what is happening by your door before you open it.

3. Always Keep Your Headlights On While Driving

Visibility, or lack thereof, is a major factor in auto accidents. Too many drives grossly misestimate how well they can see other drivers on the road and won't turn on their headlights until they have no other choice. Even if the sun is shining brightly, you should still have your headlights on, for these reasons:

● You won't have to turn them on when it gets darker

● It will serve as added protection right away

● You'll be doing a service for others on the road and pedestrians

4. Anticipate Problems

While you should be as calm as possible while driving, you also need to be mindful that anything could happen and have a proper reaction to it. While driving, look as far ahead on the road as possible and consider everything ahead of you such as:

● Actions of other drivers

● Animals such as deer or moose in the area

● Shifts in the terrain or road design

You should also be mindful of drivers behind you. Most of all though, you should be mindful of your own actions and make sure that you're driving in the proper state of mind.

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