Explaining the process of crash reconstruction

Car accidents occur daily throughout the state of Kentucky and most of them are minor. But, when there are severe accidents, they can lead to crash reconstruction. This occurs following an accident that caused severe to fatal injuries to one or more victims. Today, we will explain the process of crash reconstruction in Jefferson.

The most severe car accidents are typically investigated afterwards by local law enforcement agencies. Some agencies have accident reconstruction teams on their payroll. Others call in experts from surrounding towns to conduct these investigations. Police officers and independent investigators can perform these investigations.

Police will investigate an accident for the sole purpose of determining whether or not criminal activity took part in the cause. Police will look for hours-of-service violations for truck drivers, alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep, distracted driving and other factors that could have played a role in the accident.

The investigation begins with measurements taken at the site of the crash not long after it occurred. The measurements will be taken of any evidence left behind from the vehicles involved using electronic equipment. Other items that are noted include skid marks (or lack thereof), final resting points of vehicles, point of impact, gouge marks and scrub marks.

The electronic equipment used to survey the accident scene has the ability to create a scale diagram of the scene using a computer program. This diagram can be used to reconstruct the accident.

Reconstruction of an accident scene is done to determine the speed of the vehicles and where they were positioned at various times during the collision. When reconstructing the accident, the investigators will look at the surfaces the vehicles drove over, the length of the skid marks prior to the crash, the distances moved by the vehicles after impact, the direction of travel after impact and more.

Were you recently injured in a car accident in Jefferson, Kentucky? Contact our firm to receive the legal help you deserve and to discuss crash reconstruction of the accident.

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