Dangers of drunk driving taught to teenagers in Kentucky

The dangers of drunk driving are being taught to teenagers in the state of Kentucky. In 2016, 834 people died in car accidents. Of those 834 victims, 20 percent were accidents that involved drunk drivers. A program has been running for the last couple of years at Greenwood High School, educating teenagers about the dangers of drunk driving.

The high school program is organized by the Warren County Sheriff's Office, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, the state's Transportation Cabinet and other emergency organizations in the area. The program this year coincided with the prom season and was presented to members of the junior and senior classes.

This year's program included a presentation from a fellow student, a senior, who was involved in a drunk driving accident at the age of two in Tennessee. The student told her classmates that a drunk driver drove the wrong way on a ramp to I-65, striking the vehicle she was in head-on.

The accident killed her mother and unborn brother on Oct. 27, 2001. While the student spoke about the accident a picture of her mother and unborn brother was shown on a screen behind her on the stage. She touched on how her brother's life was cut short before he could even open his eyes.

The program featured more than a fellow student speaking about a personal experience with drunk driving. When her speech ended, a bell began to toll in the room. The grim reaper walked in and was followed by emergency responders pushing a casket.

Eleven students followed carrying lit candles. A speaker told the stories of how each of the eleven students died. As each story was told, the grim reaper touched their shoulders. The students then blew out their candles and fell into the arms of the emergency responders, who covered them in white sheets.

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Source: Bowling Green Daily News, "Program teaches teenagers dangers of drunk driving," May 03, 2017

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