What factors can impact trucker fatigue and related crash claims?

If you have ever tried to drive while you were tired, you probably know that this isn't a good idea. For truckers, trying to drive when they are suffering from fatigue is a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, the people who suffer the most are the innocent victims who are injured or killed at the hands of a fatigued trucker. If you are one of the injured victims or if you suffered the loss of a loved one, make sure you know the following points as they can help you in your case.

Why would a trucker drive fatigued?

Often, truckers are pressured to make very tight deadlines. These deadlines usually won't take factors like fatigue or traffic jams into account. When something like that occurs, the trucker might feel the need to try to push through the fatigue in an effort to meet that deadline. In this case, the trucking company might be an entity who is liable for the accident.

What would cause trucker fatigue?

Many different factors can lead to trucker fatigue. Lack of sleep is one of the most obvious that comes to mind. Others, including driving in stuffy conditions or driving on familiar roads, can also lead to trucker fatigue. Even driving too many hours in a single shift can lead to fatigue because of the stress that comes with trucking.

The reason that all of this is important is because the cause of the fatigue might have an impact on whom you name as a defendant in your claim for compensation. You want to make sure that you name all possible defendants when you file your lawsuit.

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