Motorcycle riders are at an increased risk of injury and death

Motorcycle riders are five times more likely to be injured in an accident than people who are in other vehicles. Let that sink in for a moment and you will see why motorcycle safety and awareness are so important.

Motorcycle accidents are likely to produce very serious injuries that can impact the motorcyclist for the rest of his or her life. That is, of course, if he or she lives. Motorcyclists face a risk of death 26 times that of others on the road.

One huge risk factors for motorcyclists is other drivers. When other drivers don't give motorcyclists the right of way that they are due, accidents can occur. In fact, failure to give motorcycles their rightful right-of-way is the cause of two-thirds of crashes involving other vehicles.

Some drivers claim they didn't see the motorcycle. This is actually a real concern because of the small profile of motorcycles. They are easily hidden behind other vehicles, which can make it hard to see. This is a big problem around intersections.

Because motorcyclists face a stigma surrounding them, they often have to fight more for compensation. Unfortunately, this often makes the situation feel like an uphill battle. It also means that you might have to do a little more investigation and building of your case when you do seek compensation.

Determining the cause of the crash is something that can help your case. You should be aware that you might have to address some very complex issues as part of your case. Being prepared for this can help you make informed decisions that can help your case.

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