Suing for accidents in parking lots

It may seem like a silly concept, suing for an accident that occurs in a parking lot. But, as you begin to return to shopping malls to return or exchange gifts, it is an important situation to review. Parking lots are slow-moving therefore the potential for serious injury is significantly less than those on regular roads, however, a significant portion of accidents occurs in parking lots. Therefore, it bears a discussion.

There are three categories of situations in which you may have a right to sue for an injury incurred in a parking lot. First, slip and falls when you are shopping. A slip and fall occur when you fall due to a dangerous condition that the owner of the property should or could have discovered and corrected, during the winter the most common example is ice. Slip and falls again sound like a silly thing to sue over but a serious fall can result in nerve damage or even severe back injuries.

Second, accidents involving cars. Most parking lot accidents are fender benders and quickly resolved through insurance. But, a few accidents involve commercial vehicles and can inflict substantial damage to your body or your car. Typically, these accidents are settled like any other accident on the open road, but if the other driver lacks sufficient insurance to cover your injuries, then you may want to consider pursuing other legal options for your injuries.

Finally, the holiday shopping and returns season attract a rash of crime as people seek to take advantage of the chaos. In a series of recent decisions, retailers have been held liable for the injuries sustained by customers inflicted by criminal activity on their commercial property. The crux of the case revolves around what and how much the retailer knew about the activity and what the retailer did to curtail it.

Were you injured or involved in an accident in a parking lot due to a distracted driver? If you were, you might want to speak to an attorney to review your rights. You could sue for compensation if you were injured or suffered significant property loss. A lawyer can go over your injuries and damages and help you determine if it is worth it to pursue a lawsuit. As you can see, there are myriad of situations that might give rise to a lawsuit, even in parking lot accidents. You don’t need to figure this out on your own; an attorney can help you.

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