NHTSA reviews the effectiveness of helmets

Many states, including Kentucky, have some version of mandatory helmet laws for motorcyclists. But many states, including Kentucky, do not have universal helmet laws. To study the effectiveness of helmets, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), releases a series of studies that examine the effectiveness of various helmet designs, in various crash scenarios, and issue a series of opinions. This post will go over NHTSA’s findings.

The researchers examined studies 1993 to 2002. The study found that the effectiveness of motorcycle helmets increased 37 percent. The researchers estimated 7,808 additional lives compared against 5,430 estimated lives under the older-style helmets.

But, the study noted that, while motorcycle helmets safety has substantially increased, the full benefits of these advances are not being utilized. Many states still have not adopted universal helmet laws, therefore, many more people suffer fatal or severe head injuries than would otherwise occur. If all states adopted universal helmet laws, the study estimates a total of 11,915 additional lives would have been saved.

Finally, the study noted that motorcycles compose about three percent of all traffic but constitute nine percent of the fatalities. The researchers note that passenger car death rates have trended downward since mandatory seatbelt laws were introduced. The study postulates that universal helmet laws would have a substantially similar effect.

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