Black boxes are now available for motorcycles

Black boxes are traditionally associated with airplanes. However, a start-up company is trying to bring the recording power of black boxes to motorcycles. Vance and Hines have designed a black box that can plug into the computer engine of newer Harley-Davidson model bikes. The black box then transmits the data over a Bluetooth connection to a paired smartphone. Drivers then may review the information on the companion app.

The black box is a device that records all of the data from a particular machine. The black boxes are designed to survive any collision or accident. The purpose of black boxes is to allow collision analysts to reconstruct what happened prior, during, and after an accident. Usually, black boxes aren’t viewed as preventative, but Vance and Hines are hoping to change that assumption.

The value of a black box in a motorcycle or car is that it allows drivers to review data on their machine in real time. This means the black box can help motorcycle riders anticipate and prevent mechanical issues that could lead to a severe or fatal accident. Vance and Hines also believe the black boxes can be used by motorcycle enthusiasts to measure the performance of their bikes in real time. This allows them to tweak and modify their motorcycles without costly breakdowns or specialized equipment.

Bike safety is first and foremost the responsibility of the rider and drivers. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, then you may want to speak to a lawyer. A lawyer can investigate the accident and help establish your right to recovery.

Source: USA Today, “Motorcycle black box lets riders monitor vital info,” Staff, November 26th, 2016

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