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March 2017 Archives

We fight to avenge your loved one's wrongful death

Some car crashes are so severe that they claim lives. When your loved one is the person who dies in a fatal car accident, you have options for seeking compensation from the person who killed your loved one. This is done through a wrongful death lawsuit. We know that you might not have ever thought you would be in this position. We understand that your emotions are raw and that you might not feel up to launching a battle. The good news is that we are here to help you with your case from start to finish.

Learn how to prove liability in a car crash case

A person who was involved in a car crash might choose to pursue compensation. One step in this process is determining who is liable for the accident. This is sometimes pretty easy, such as in a rear-end crash. Other times, such as multi-car accidents, the answer isn't so simple.

You might be able to get money faster through a settlement

Car accidents are something that you can't really prepare for since you can't see into the future. This makes it very difficult to deal with the financial impact of these accidents. When you are involved in a car accident, you might suffer financially because of medical bills and time you need to take off of work. This can create a perfect storm of sorts with your financial situation.

Uber experiences technical and legal hurdles in California

Uber's exploits in autonomous vehicles have been popularly covered throughout the year. Uber's self-driven taxi service in downtown Pittsburgh was celebrated throughout the country as a step into the future. Since then, Uber introduced the technology into other states, including California. But, in California, Uber self-driven taxis are running into some issues.

NHTSA reviews the effectiveness of helmets

Many states, including Kentucky, have some version of mandatory helmet laws for motorcyclists. But many states, including Kentucky, do not have universal helmet laws. To study the effectiveness of helmets, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), releases a series of studies that examine the effectiveness of various helmet designs, in various crash scenarios, and issue a series of opinions. This post will go over NHTSA’s findings.

The basics of filing for bankruptcy in court

No one (well, no one who is honest) goes life intending to file for bankruptcy. People file for bankruptcy because they have no other choice. People do so because they lose jobs, are drowning in debt, or took on a mortgage they can't afford. Regardless of the situation, many people find themselves in the position of filing for bankruptcy, but they cannot afford a lawyer. This post will go over the basics of filing pro so (i.e. without an attorney).

DUI rates skyrocket in city that bans ridesharing companies

Last year, Austin made headlines by imposing stringent regulation on ridesharing companies. The basic effect of these regulations was to impose the same expensive restrictions on rideshare companies, as taxi companies. To the layperson, these regulations may seem only fair. But to frequent users of cabs, it did little to deter unscrupulous and dangerous behavior among taxi drivers and only served to chase away cheaper and more efficient alternatives.

Motorcycle accident injury claims have several elements

As we discussed last week, black boxes are available for motorcycles. This development could make it easier to find out and prove what motorcyclists were doing at the time of an accident. Until these devices come standard on all bikes, bikers who are involved in accidents will still have to work to prove their cases for compensation.

Suing for accidents in parking lots

It may seem like a silly concept, suing for an accident that occurs in a parking lot. But, as you begin to return to shopping malls to return or exchange gifts, it is an important situation to review. Parking lots are slow-moving therefore the potential for serious injury is significantly less than those on regular roads, however, a significant portion of accidents occurs in parking lots. Therefore, it bears a discussion.

Black boxes are now available for motorcycles

Black boxes are traditionally associated with airplanes. However, a start-up company is trying to bring the recording power of black boxes to motorcycles. Vance and Hines have designed a black box that can plug into the computer engine of newer Harley-Davidson model bikes. The black box then transmits the data over a Bluetooth connection to a paired smartphone. Drivers then may review the information on the companion app.

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