Who is liable if ice causes an accident?

Winter, ice, cars, and roads do not mix. Many accidents spike in the winter months due to ice causing cars to lose control and crash. In these situations, who is liable for the damage to your car and your injuries? Is no one liable? Are you stuck with the repair and medical bills? This post will go over how the law assigns responsibility in these cases.

The first place that anyone should ever start when they analyze liability in a car crash is negligence. Negligence assigns responsibility in these situations based on who was responsible for behaving in a reasonable manner. Anyone who fails to behave in a reasonable manner is subject to litigation from anyone who is reasonably and foreseeably injured by their actions.

Regarding ice, the car that initiates contact or causes the collision to occur is likely the one that is negligent and responsible for the accident. You may blame the ice, but you are under an obligation to act reasonably while driving on the ice, which includes driving slow and steady to maintain control over your car. All drivers are required to remain alerted while they drive and to adapt to the road conditions as they change due to weather. Thus, you must adjust your driving style accordingly.

If you were injured in a car crash, then you may want to contact a lawyer. Most car accidents are settled by insurance companies but if you suffered severe injuries and had extensive medical expenses, the insurance policy many not cover all of your bills. In these situations, you need the assistance of a lawyer to help you get money damages to cover your medical bills. You were the victim; you shouldn't have to pay for your medical bills too.

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