Study finds helmet laws reduced TBIs in young motorcyclists

A TBI, or “traumatic brain injury,” is one of the deadliest injuries that you can sustain. TBIs are responsible for a plethora of symptoms including memory loss, nerve damage, and diminished mental faculties. What makes TBI truly scary is that the full impact of their damage may not be known for days or even weeks after the accident. As such, it is critical that the chance of you is incurring a TBI be reduced as much as possible.

To further that goal, many state governments adopts mandatory helmet laws for motorcyclists. Helmets are one of those pieces of technology that everyone knows is good for them and they should probably use it, but they don’t. Most humans are incapable of conceptualizing that terrible accident can occur to them, for most people, that “bad luck” happens to other people but that person is always too quick, smart, or clever.

To overcome this mental block, governments often pass mandatory laws until the action becomes a habit. A study released by the American College of Surgeons found that in states with mandatory helmet laws the rate of TBIs was significantly less. In states with universal mandatory helmet laws, young motorcyclists were 2.5 times less likely to suffer a TBI. Additionally, the overall rate of TBIs for universal mandatory states was 282 TBIs per 1,000 motorcycle accidents. Conversely, in states with 18 and under mandatory laws, the rate was 306. Finally, in states with 21 and under laws, it was 366. The study found that mandatory laws work and save lives.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you might want to consult with an attorney. Hopefully, you were wearing a helmet at the time. But regardless if you were or not, you likely suffered severe injuries and may need compensation to cover your medical expenses. A lawyer can help you get the money you need to focus on healing without worrying about the cost.

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