Common causes for trucking accidents, Part 1

Ironically, passenger vehicles are responsible for the majority of trucking accidents. Passenger car drivers fail to consider the awesome power and size of big rigs and that that size limits its visibility, braking, and acceleration. It is ironic because passenger vehicles suffer the most from accidents with big rig commercial trucks. This post will go over some of the causes of commercial trucking accidents.

Trucking accidents are so devastating because they are significantly larger than most other (or all) vehicles on the road. Big rigs are taller and heavier than all passenger vehicles. Moreover, it isn’t the weight or length of the truck that is truly dangerous, it is a fact that passenger cars are often pulled up and underneath big rigs. The passenger vehicle is then chewed up by the big rigs large wheels. Therefore, it is imperative that cars carefully interact with big rigs on the road.

All big rigs have blind spots in which the driver cannot see anything. A good tip is, if you cannot see your car in the mirror’s reflection, the truck driver probably cannot see you. Another common cause of accidents occurs when passengers cars dart in front of the truck.

Additionally, trucks need to take exceptionally wide right turns. Many passenger vehicle drivers forget this fact and try to sneak in in-between the big rig and the curb.

Did you suffer a severe head injury after an accident with a truck? If so, you may want to consult with a lawyer at your earliest convenience. A lawyer can review the accident, the evidence, and your medical records to determine what compensation to which you are justly entitled. You were the victim, you shouldn’t have to pay for your medical bills. 

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