Car Safety Technology

Driving a car is dangerous business. Accidents can happen in a split second if you are not paying attention or you do not have all of your wits about you. That's why manufacturers are always working tirelessly to push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible in the world of car safety technology. In recent years we've seen such innovations as automated driving assistance and back up cameras which are there to make our driving better and our roads safer. Check out these new technologies created to make your car safer.

Electronic Stability Control

Have you ever felt the unsettling sensation that comes with taking a turn too quickly? You hit the breaks suddenly but your wheels don't all want to slow down at the same rate, leaving the turn you are taking feeling very dangerous. Well now we have electronic stability controls which work to slow individual wheels to keep you from taking rough turns. This can help to prevent accidents as sometimes we don't see a car attempting to come out of the same parking lot we were heading into until it is too late. Now you have an automated system which can double check your turns so you don't accidentally clip someone on the way into the grocery store.

Collision Warning System

Driving is an activity which requires vigilance, but being that we're all human, sometimes we get distracted. Thankfully one of the up and coming pieces of tech in the automotive industry is collision warning systems. These automated systems work to alert a driver if any oncoming collision is imminent. So if your kids are horsing around in the back seat and you look back to tell them to calm down, your car will tell you that you're in danger of colliding with a car you hadn't noticed. This is potentially life saving technology.

Lane-Keep Assist

If you've ever driven at night or dabbled in narcolepsy then you know how easy it can be to fall asleep at the wheel. Lane-keep assist technology helps to keep you in your lane in those times when you might get distracted and start drifting. Depending on the system in your vehicle it might give you some kind of audible or visual warning that your car is drifting. Higher tech systems actually have regulatory features which can steer the car back to where it needs to be.

Adaptive Headlights

Again, driving at night is a pain. Even worse? Driving in the rain. These circumstances have at least one thing in common: you're supposed to have your lights on. Sometimes it seems like your lights just aren't that helpful when you need them though. That's why there are new adaptive headlights which adjust their brightness based on the conditions of the road while you're driving. This helps to keep you from running into things in the road when it's dark or wet outside.

360-Degree Camera

In an improvement on the original rear cameras designed to help you park better, there are now 360-degree cameras to help you see all of your surroundings while trying to park without inadvertently giving yourself a blind spot. Given that parking lots are the number one site of auto accidents, this is an extremely helpful technology. Often when people are driving through a parking lot they don't always see the cars around them that are about to drive by or back out. This camera technology will help to keep you safe and alert and out of the hot seat when it comes to parking lot accidents. 

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