Back to School Driving Tips

Stress can greatly influence the level of awareness people have when driving. Back-to-school driving can be stressful because there are a higher amount of people on the road than usual, there are a lot of unknowns, such as exactly where to drop off students or unfamiliar roads, and it takes longer to get to school during the first week or two. Consider these back-to-school driving tips to help avoid disaster.

Registration, License and Insurance

It's important to have everything in order when driving to school. Be sure to check your expiration date on your license, and renew it ahead of time. Keep money in reserve for upcoming registration. Also, be sure that your insurance is current. You may be pulled over at any time or get into an accident. It's worthwhile to take time to make sure everything is taken care of. This will help reduce stress because you will be more secure in the event you are pulled over. You will also know that expenses that arise from an accident will be covered.

Car Maintenance

Irregular car maintenance can cause problems down the road. Failure to do regular oil changes can eventually lead to a cracked head gasket. Chancing whether there is enough gasoline can mean getting kids to school abnormally late due to a stalled car. Regularly check your fluids. Check the tread on your tires. If they need replacing soon, do this as soon as possible to avoid accidents and flat tires. Fill up the gas tank at the beginning of the week to make sure there is plenty to use every day. When you tell your brain that you need to do something, it will repeat it until you get it done. This creates a lot of stress.

Start Early

Getting on the road with a bunch of other back-to-school drivers will mean a substantial delay. Head out 30 minutes ahead of the regular time you will need to leave the house. However, be sure that you are not dropping off the kids before they're allowed to be on school premises. By being early, you can be sure to arrive on-time, and you will be calm and alert as well. These two factors reduce the amount of stress you will experience, and it will help you and your kids arrive safely.


Ensuring that you take time for breakfast and coffee in the morning means that you won't be trying to eat and drink in the car. A number of states are switching to "distracted while driving" laws, which means that you can be pulled over for eating, putting on makeup or anything else. A large amount of people get into accidents each year from distracted driving, and it's usually from texting while driving, but it can happen anytime you are not focused on driving. Staying alert on the road will drastically reduce potential accidents.

Morning Routine

Morning routines are important to ensure nothing is rushed. The condition you were in during the morning hours greatly affects how the rest of the day goes. If you woke up late and were stressed in the morning, you may end up stressed during the drive to school and risk accidents or tickets. Go to bed at a reasonable time, and wake up refreshed. Keep your morning routine the same every day so that you can remain stress-free.

Planning ahead is the best way to reduce stress. Avoid it at all costs. When the unavoidable occurs, take deep breaths. One late day to school won't ruin everyone, but making it a constant habit will. 

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