10 Signs That Your Love One Might Be Being Abused In Their Nursing Home

Nursing homes and other care facilities can do a good job of hiding elder abuse. Elders belong to a disadvantaged group who are easily taken advantage of. Elder abuse comes in many forms: physical, emotional, sexual, financial and more. It may surprise you to know that neglect is also a form of abuse, and it happens far more often than people expect. Consider these signs so that you know what to look out for.

Obvious Physical Injuries

Elders should not be injured. Accidents can happen, but a nursing home should have policies and procedures to avoid these injuries. If an elder has issues with balance, they should be assisted. If an elder needs a two-person assist, it's not adequate for one nurse to provide an assist. If an elder is experiencing repeated injuries, someone is either harming them or they are not receiving the care they need.

Bed Sores

Bed sores should be avoided. If they occur, they should be treated immediately and effectively. When elders are left lying or sitting in a position for an extended period of time or are left in their own urine or fecal matter, bed sores can occur quickly. If nurses aren't doing regular assessments, bed sores remain unknown and continue to get worse. Bed sores can eventually lead to sepsis, which is fatal.


Unexplained depression can be a sign of elder abuse. Losing freedom and other liberties can be a depressing thing to deal with, but if an elder is particularly depressed for an extended period of time, they may be abused in some form. It's important to note that neglect is considered elder abuse.

Dirty Conditions

Nursing homes need to be kept clean. Patient to patient contamination is a serious issue. This is especially true with MRSA, which is a type of staff infection that is resistant to many antibiotics. If a nursing home isn't taking care of its cleanliness, they may not be taking care of their residents either.

Other Residents

If other residents are being neglected, there is a chance that your loved one is being neglected too. If you see other residents sitting in an area for a long time, their faces are left covered with food or anyone is not being attended to in the way they should, they may be neglecting your loved one too.

Everyone is Rushing

Some amount of expediency is normal in a nursing home, but if that's all you encounter day in and day out, there is a good chance that the nursing home is understaffed to meet the needs of their residents. When people are rushed, they are less likely to attend to every need of an elder.


Nursing homes quickly establish which residents have gait issues. When an elder needs to use the restroom and has a gait issue, they need to be assisted. Failure to assist an elder in this matter will result in accidents. When elders are left lying in their urine and fecal matter, they lose their dignity, they are being neglected, and they can experience bed sores. In the instance an elder is incontinent, they should be changed quickly for the same reasons. Some elders try to get themselves to the bathroom and end up falling.

Call Lights

Call lights are a way of requesting help from nurses. When call lights are left unattended to, nursing home residents are being neglected. It should not take a long time for call lights to be answered. If your loved one complains that they take too long to answer call lights or you see that other call lights are on for a long duration, it's an indication that a nursing home is understaffed and your loved one is being neglected.


Nursing home residents should have clean nails that are clipped. Hair should be clean and combed. Nursing home residents' bodies should be kept clean. If they are left unattended to, this is considered neglect.

Nursing home residents have rights and so do their loved ones. Patient right ensure that they are not neglected, that they do not lose their dignity and that they receive courtesy and respect. Anything less is considered abuse. If you suspect your loved one is being abused, don't hesitate to contact an attorney immediately.





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