Getting a defective motorcycle recalled by the manufacturer

Motorcycle accidents can be fatal for the rider, which is why the motorcycle should be free of any defects. Manufacturers try their best to make sure the motorcycles do not have any defects when shipped out to the consumer. Defects in the vehicle could lead to serious injury for the driver, and leave the manufacturer vulnerable to lawsuits. To save themselves from embarrassing situations, manufacturers recall all vehicles that show signs of a defect. The procedure to recall the product is complicated and difficult to understand.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a government organization responsible for administering vehicle recalls in case vehicles start showing defects. In case the manufacturer refuses to recall the motorcycle, the NHTSA has the right to take action against them. There is a specific procedure to recall defective motorcycles. The manufacturer must notify the NHTSA before asking for a recall.

It is the duty of the manufacturer to inform the NHTSA about the type of the defect in their vehicles. They must also describe the events that lead to these complaints, as well as any major incidents that took place due to the defect. The rework required and description of the procedures should also be provided. The manufacturer must notify the owner of each defective vehicle regarding the recall, and must provide this service free of cost.

If you have purchased a motorcycle that shows manufacturing defects, it is advisable to contact an experienced attorney. The attorney will contact the NHTSA and try to get the manufacturer to recall the vehicle and repair it for you.

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