10 Labor Day Safety Practices

Labor Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. Many people find this as the last real weekend of summer, and others see it as a gateway to the holiday season. Whichever way you think of it, Labor Day is also the holiday that has the most accidents associated with it, both in and out of vehicles.

The following 10 tips will help you stay safe this Labor Day weekend.

1.Don't Drink and Drive. Labor Day weekend has the third highest rate for drunk driving related accidents, following New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July. If you have to travel, be extra cautious of others on the road, and never drink and drive.

2.Pack Flares and Safety Kit When Traveling. According to the National Safety Council, almost 150 lives could be saved just this weekend if people used proper safety equipment when they have a road emergency. People who have suffered any type of car failure should remove their car from the road, into the grass if possible, and set up road flares in the emergency lane so cars passing by will notice that there is trouble and move over.

3.Watch Out For Trucks. It is not uncommon for trucking companies to have more trucks on the road during the Labor Day weekend than any other weekend of the year. This is because most retailers view the Tuesday after Labor Day as the official start of the holiday shopping season. Because of this, large amounts of merchandise are moved over that weekend to help retailers stock their shelves. Trucking accidents are often catastrophic to the victims in the passenger vehicle. It is important to drive with caution when near these large trucks.

4.Wear A Bicycle Helmet. Regardless of where you traveling on your bike, or your age, you should wear a bicycle helmet. Pedestrian accidents occur at a higher rate during holiday weekends because more people are traveling on the roads at the same time that more people are traveling by foot or on bicycles.

5.Wear Bright Color Clothing While Biking or Hiking. For additional safety, when you are riding your bicycle or going out hiking, wear bright color clothes. Dark clothes can make you hard to see on the road, and if you are hiking, dark clothes can make it hard to find you in the event of an emergency.

6.Obey Traffic Laws. Whether you are in a passenger vehicle, walking, or riding a bike, always follow traffic safety laws. Following these safety rules will help keep you from harm, especially when the roads are very busy.

7.Make Sure To Grill In An Open Area. One of the most common accidents to occur during Labor Day weekend is house fires. Always grill away from your home, fences and low hanging trees. Stay away from bushes and dry areas. If possible, grill on a cemented area to avoid embers from falling into the grass.

8.Use Water Safety Equipment. Whether you are in a pool, at the beach, or on a boat, use the proper safety equipment. Always have life jackets available and flotations devices handy. Make sure small children take advantage of water wings for their safety. And never enter the water alone.

9.Don't Run Around The Pool. The deck area is one of the leading places for slip and fall accidents to occur over this holiday weekend. Water splashed from the pool can quickly make the deck area slippery.

10.Have An Adult At Pool Area At All Times. Drowning is a leading cause of death in children under 14. Always make sure that there is an adult present when children are using the pol and never allow anyone to swim alone.

Following these simple tips during the holiday weekend will allow you to enjoy the "the last weekend of summer" while remaining safe. 

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