Soft Tissue Injuries Caused by Car Accidents, Part 1

Every day millions of Americans risk their health and their lives when they get into one ton vehicles that fling them along highways at incredible speeds protected only by a thin layer of metal and plastic ? cars. Cars are the primary mode of transportation in the United States and the revolutionized the world. They allowed anyone with a cheap car and gas money to go anywhere in the country. But they are also incredibly dangerous and many people do not appreciate the danger they are in every time they get behind the wheel.

With millions of drivers and cars on the road every day, it is no wonder that car accidents ? even serious or fatal ones ? occur on a daily basis. People have become accustomed to car crashes as an inevitable risk in everyday life. It is also reasonable to say that if you haven't been in a big car crash (knock-on-wood), then you possibly will at some point in your life.

Here are a few common injuries that people experience as a result of car accidents. Soft tissue injuries refer to damages to the body's soft areas (i.e. tendons, muscles and ligaments). The most common soft tissue injury is a contusion or bruise. You get these when either you or something else bumps into you at a high velocity. Most bruises do not require treatment. But, bruises can be indicative of more serious ? deep tissue damages.

Another common injury is a sprain, either in the wrist or back. Sprains are caused by an over-extension of the ligament, which causes inflammation and bruising. Most sprains are not serious but they can require casts or other protective devices.

If you were hit by another car then you may have an actionable claim and may want to speak to an attorney. The first step in any car accident is to speak to the insurance companies but many policies may be insufficient to cover your injuries. In these cases, you may want the assistance of an attorney who can walk you through the legal process and the likelihood of recovering compensation for your injuries. You don't have to accept the insurance company's initial offer. You have choices and an attorney can walk you through them.

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