Little-Known Louisville Driving Laws, Explained

Most people in Louisville are aware that such things as speeding, following another car too closely, failing to stop at stop signs or traffic lights or not pulling over to yield to emergency vehicles are all illegal driving behaviors. There are many other driving behaviors that are lesser-known as well. A conviction for one of them can lead to the person's receiving fines, possibly facing jail time and receiving points against their driver's license. People are only allowed to accumulate a maximum of 12 points against their licenses in two years, so a conviction for some of these offenses in a shorter time period may lead to the suspension of their driving privileges.

Failing To Notify The Department Of Transportation After Moving

In Louisville, once people move, they must apply for a new license with the new address listed on it. This must be completed within 10 days of moving. A conviction for this offense is a Class B misdemeanor carrying the potential for up to 90 days in jail. There is also a statutory fine of $250.

Driving Too Slowly For Conditions

People may be surprised to learn that driving too slowly can lead to a ticket. An officer can stop a vehicle if it is driving slower than other vehicles around it. This offense is a violation carrying a fine between $20 and $100. A conviction will also result in three points being assessed against the person's driver's license.

Driving Too Fast For Conditions

Like driving too slowly for conditions, driving too fast for conditions can also result in a ticket. A person may be stopped for this offense even if they are driving within the speed limit when weather conditions mandate a slower speed. This offense is a violation carrying the potential for a fine ranging from $20 and $100. It also can result in three points being assessed against the person's driver's license.

Improper Use Of Lane

Many people in Louisville pull out from parking lots to the center lane, and then use that lane to merge into traffic. Others may use the center lane as a lane in which to accelerate. Both are prohibited. The center lane is meant for vehicles turning from the roadway onto a side street or into a parking lot. Another improper use occurs when a person drives in the left-hand lane rather than using it only to pass. If a person is convicted of improperly using a lane, they can be fined between $20 and $100 and have three points assessed against their driver's license.

Passing A Church Or School Bus While It's Loading Or Unloading Passengers

While many people may be aware that they must stop and wait for a bus to unload when they are behind the bus, they may not know that oncoming vehicles are also supposed to stop. The exception to this is if the bus is stopping to load or unload along a divided highway. In that case, traffic moving in the opposite direction is not required to stop. A first offense of passing a church or school bus during loading or unloading is a fine between $100 and $200. It is also a Class B misdemeanor offense carrying a potential of 30 to 60 days in jail. If convicted as charged, a person will receive six points against their license.

If a person is pulled over and ticketed for these or other traffic offenses, they may want to get help from a lawyer. An attorney may be able to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense so the person's driving privileges and insurance costs will not be negatively affected.

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