Car crashes are a leading cause of brain injuries

Everyone is familiar with the injuries associated with most car accidents. Even relatively minor fender-benders can result in "whiplash" and other neck injuries. But, according to the CDC, car accidents also account for a disproportionate amount of brain injuries. The high speeds and violence associated with many car crashes can cause serious brain damage in many people.

The study compared the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries (or "TBI") from 2006 to 2010. It found that falls accounted for 40 percent of all TBIs, the largest single cause. It also found that being hit by a blunt object and traffic accidents each accounted for a significant portion. Being hit by an object accounted for 15.5 percent or TBIs while accidents accounted for 14.3 percent.

But when the CDC controlled for just TBI-related deaths – car accidents jumped to 26 percent or the second highest cause. This study suggests that the high-speed and trauma associated with car accidents is more deadly for the brain than other causes.

If this happened to you, then you may want to speak to an attorney. Brain injuries are deadly and can result in permanent disabilities. They often cost thousands of dollars and take years to heal. You shouldn't have to pay for that all on your own. You were the victim and you deserve proper care. Cases like these are often complicated, involving multiple layers of negligence, which is why an attorney is a good person to have on your team. An attorney may be able to assist you with your case.

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