Active steering may be next phase in truck safety technology

According to industry suppliers, the next big phase in truck safety technology will be active steering. In the 1990s, it was anti-lock brakes and after that it was collision warning systems. The future will be some form of semi-autonomous active steeringg. This technology is already present in consumer vehicles like the Tesla Model S and the latest BMWs. Its reliability and usefulness for long-haul truckers is evident.

While companies testing the latest iteration of autonomous cars capture the news, tried and true methods that are tested in the market will be the real advances in safety technology. Active steering allows for the benefit of autonomous driving while keeping a driver in control in case something goes wrong. These technologies will be great during long-haul drives on relatively flat roads with few cars. It is believed that they will help reduce driver fatigue and accidents.

Proponents of the technology also believe that pairing the systems with a video recorder is the best way to measure how drivers interact with the technology. For example, a video might catch the driver not paying attention or reading a newspaper and cause the car to alert the driver to pay attention. It will also allow manufacturers to modify the technology according to driver habits.

If you were injured in a truck accidentt, you may want to speak to an attorney at your earliest convenience. These cases can get drowned in paperwork before they ever get off the ground. An attorney can help you manage the paperwork and other complications, like ascertaining fault, before it overwhelms you. By having an attorney work on your behalf, you can spend more time on your family and your health.

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