New device to detect drunk driving

An ongoing problem with DUIs is that they are hard to detect until after they cause an accident. Breathalyzers, field sobriety tests and checkpoints can only go so far. New technology is required to give the police and communities more tools to prevent drunk driving. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been working since 2006 to introduce new technologies to prevent drunk driving. This article will go over those new technologies and how they may function in the community.

The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (or "DADSS") is a new technology designed to prevent drivers from operating vehicles while drunk. It would attach to the car and prevent the engine from activating if it detects a drunk driver. There are two methods of testing. On is a touch-based system that reads blood alcohol content levels through your fingertips. The other is an air-sampling system that tests your exhalations.

They are currently being field tested in real vehicles and may hit the market in the next few years. Driving interlock devices have been around for years. However, these new technologies may be cheaper and integrate seamlessly with cars and become more widespread.

If you or a loved one was injured due to a drunk driver, then you may want to speak with an attorney. Drunk driving remains a serious scourge. According to MADD, it costs the country about $132 billion a year in medical bills, costs and other expenses. Unfortunately, this means that it probably isn't going away anytime soon. If you were injured, an attorney could help you recover compensation. You were the victim. You shouldn't have to pay for your medical bills and other expenses. An attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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