How does alcohol impair the body? Part 1

Everyone always believes that they are the exception to the rule. Drunk drivers epitomize this hubris by refusing to acknowledge that alcohol's effect on the body is scientific and medical, it has nothing to do with willpower. No matter how hard you try, a cold shower and a cup of coffee will not sober you up; only time can do that. The CDC put out some guidelines that outline alcohol's effect on the body based upon the number of drinks you had. This post will go over those general guidelines and how they may impact your ability to drive.

The police measure the level of your impairment by taking your blood alcohol content, or BAC. Your BAC is the percentage of your blood that is alcohol. The higher the percentage, the more you are impaired. Bear in mind that these are estimates; alcohol could affect you faster or slower depending upon your weight and fitness level.

Two drinks in one hour will raise most people to around a 0.02 percent BAC. At this level, you begin to feel relaxed and warm. Often the dangers of drinking alcohol do not relate to alcohol's direct impairment of your ability to drive but rather that it lulls you into a false sense of security or makes you drowsy. This altered mood causes you to lose control of the vehicle.

Around three drinks will put you at a 0.05 percent BAC. At this point your behavior becomes exaggerated, you might have trouble focusing your eyes, and your judgment is impaired. This reduces your ability to drive by reducing coordination and response times.

If you were injured due to a negligent or drunk driver, then you may have a claim for personal injury and may want to call an attorney. It may not seem important or necessary at the time but consider that all insurance policies have limits. If your injuries exceed that person's policy limit, then the insurance company will be tapped out. In this situation, it is good to have an attorney that can think long term and advise you on what to do next.

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