NHTSA teams with car companies to improve brakes

A great proportion of motor vehicle accidents in the United States occur due to driver inattention and failure to brake. To combat this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a combined effort involving car manufacturers that control 99 percent of the American car market to introduce Automatic Emergency Braking to all cars by 2022. It is estimated that this effort will bring them to widespread use three years earlier than traditional regulatory methods.

These brakes use a series of sensors, cameras and lasers to identify threats that the human driver has not caught. It can then apply the braking system automatically. Not only does the NHTSA believe AEB systems will reduce accidents, but it also believes that car insurance rates will go down for consumers that opt for AEB-enabled vehicles.

Every major car company in the U.S. has taken the pledge, from economy sedan behemoths like Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen to exclusive luxury brands like Maserati, Porsche and Tesla to American stalwarts including Ford and General Motors.

Based on this study, and similar studies throughout the world, NHTSA convinced these car manufacturers to voluntarily introduce the AEB to all cars as soon as possible. This is a voluntary commitment and several organizations, including Consumer Reports, have volunteered to monitor implementation to ensure that the car companies meet their targets.

If you were in a car accident, then you may want to speak to an attorney. If you didn't understand the cause of the accident, like a failed braking system, then an attorney can help investigate to determine the cause. Car accidents are not always straightforward, an attorney can ensure that you can get the compensation you need to fix your car and pay your medical bills.

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