Drugged driving is just as bad as drunken driving

The increasing proliferation of prescription drugs and the ongoing legalization/decriminalization of some drugs has led to an increase in the instances of drugged driving. All states have laws that prohibit the operation of vehicles while under the influence of drugs. However, a major issue is that there is no uniform test to determine when someone is impaired and when someone is not, unlike the classic 0.08 percent blood-alcohol test for drunk drivers. This means that there is no reliable barometer to determine if a driver is too impaired to drive. This article will go over the dangers of drugged driving and what you can do if you are a victim of a drugged driver.

Drugged driving can occur, not just with illegal drugs, but with prescriptions and even over-the-counter medications. The problem with all drugs is that they affect different people in different ways. Some people can take prescription-strength painkillers and remain unaffected. Other people take a handful of Advil and lose their balance. This is what makes taking drugs so dangerous. Without a clear barometer like, "0.08 percent or two or more drinks an hour," people have trouble conforming to the law.

As always, the best defense against drugged or drunk driving are the drivers themselves. If you are driving along minding your own business and a drugged driver hits you, then you have the same right to seek recovery as if they had been drinking. The laws surrounding drugged driving are still in flux and the detection methods still rudimentary but that is an evidentiary issue, not a right to recovery issue.

If a drugged driver hit you, then you have the same right to recovery as if that person had been drinking. You may want to speak to an attorney to go over your rights. Contacting a legal professional can help you get the money you need to cover your medical bills and other expenses.

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