What to do after you are involved in a pedestrian accident

Basically everyone at some point is a pedestrian. You walk to work, bike to school, trudge to your car or roll out of a taxi cab. Everyone is exposed on a public street at some point as a pedestrian. Should you find yourself the victim in a car accident, this article will go over some of the things you should do to preserve your rights. But first, you should always seek medical attention, assuming you need it. After that, then worry about collecting information.

Once you are able, try to write down an account of everything you can remember: the time of day, names of witnesses and people involved, your injuries, what you smelled, heard, everything. This will help you, and your attorney if you retain one, understand precisely what lead to the accident. This is important in determining fault. Take special note of any conversations you may have had with people involved in the accident. What did they say? What were their names?

Try to remember who witnessed the accident and try to contact them. If there was a police report, you may request a copy. The report should have the names of witnesses interviewed by the police. Additionally, get the contact information for any officers that responded to the scene. You will also want to preserve any "hard" evidence. Hard evidence is things like the damage to your vehicle, photographs of the accident, of the scene and other direct links to the event.

If you can identify the persons involved, contact them of your intent to seek compensation for your injuries. This will help clarify your positions so that you maintain proper distance between you and the person who injured you.

Finally, if you are the victim in an accident then you may want to speak to a personal injury attorney. These cases can turn on a hairpin depending on the evidence, witnesses and events constituting your accident. A legal professional can walk through your story to help identify the best possible avenues of compensation that you may wish to pursue.

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