Some things to research before your attorney meeting, part I

Truck accidents are deceptive because they may appear simple, but they can easily switch into complex multi-party cases. An experienced truck accident attorney will possess the knowledge to quickly delve into your case to get the ball rolling. However, your attorney is only as good as the information he or she gets and the person in the best position to get your attorney information, is you. You have firsthand knowledge and impressions of the crash, which can be invaluable in identifying possible additional litigants.

First, take note of how your life changed after the accident. Specifically, list any parts of your routine that you are no longer able to do, such as running, playing with your children and so forth. Also, secure copies of your medical records. Carefully record your symptoms, your diagnosis and treatment. Are you improving or getting worse?

Additionally, look into your medical history. Did you have any prior injuries that were exacerbated by the crash? Finally, keep copies of all your medical receipts, these will be necessary to calculate your medical costs.

Second, type up everything you can remember about the driver, his truck and his employer. It would be ideal if you were able to get his license and plate numbers. This information will allow your attorney to do a background check on the truck driver. The attorney may also trace the maintenance records on the truck to ascertain if the truck was properly maintained. Remember, the more information you give your attorney, the more potential liable parties he will be able to identify.

Third, write down everything you can remember about the accident; whether the sun was shining, if it was cloudy, foggy or raining. For example, if you remember feeling bumps just before the crash that could indicate potholes. If potholes contributed to the accident that could implicate the city in the lawsuit. If local news investigated the accident, there could be a report with more details. Write down any witnesses or possible traffic cameras. Nothing is too small.

If you were injured in a truck accident, then you may want to speak to a lawyer. Before that meeting, go armed with as much information as you can manage. Accidents with trucks are very serious and can be very complicated. Don't take your responsibility as a client lightly.

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